Saturday, April 4, 2009

a break from Brivanib

Bittersweet sums up my feelings right now.

I am home, my parent's home and things are ok. My dad, sister and I had a conference this morning. It involved some difficult information and some info I was not aware of. Though Brivanib has things stable with note of "possible shrinkage" on the report, my mom is weak and thin. The plan is to help her gain weight but this is hard because who knows what the activity is of that tumor (s) as well. Her primary tumor has doubled in size since Nov. but based on her CT scan after 6 weeks of Brivanib, it is stable. The plan is to send path reports on to the "big 2" cancer centers in the country, if you're reading probably know which 2 I am referring to.

She had a saline drip yesterday to regain some fluids and according to my dad ( who is with her most of the time) she is much better in the last two days. Let's hope that remains the case and it progressively gets better with each day.

So Brivanib with a break is the bottom line. But while she is off for 3 weeks, we will not sit back and let what will be, will be. Maybe this should have been done earlier, but the decision is it will happen...we will see what the pros have to say...

I send this out with hope in my heart...I think seeing greener pastures and the warm spring sun shining reminds me that each day is a gift.